One Year Around The Sun!

Finn turned one recently – 365 days of keeping him alive!!! Which was not an easy task let me tell you. And miraculously I am still sane (I think?) Honestly that was hands down THE hardest year of our lives. And also the happiest. I have wanted to be a mummy for a long time, […]

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Groundhog Day

Remember that movie where the TV weatherman relives the same day over and over again? Well that’s pretty much me right now. Except my job is not a TV weatherman, I’m a full-time Hospital Mum. Unless you’ve been dealt the Hospital Mum card you will never really know what it’s like. And that’s what I […]

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Talking Transplant

When Finn was born we knew from day one that he would need a kidney transplant in order to survive. It was as simple as that. Not the smoothest start to new motherhood, but hey it could have been worse – a lot worse. At one stage there was fifty percent chance that we would […]

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Social Support Groups

Since finding myself in this very new and unknown territory with Finn’s medical condition, I discovered Facebook support groups – you name it there’s a group for it! After some searching for the right groups, I’ve found the most relevant ones are ‘Feeding Tubes Australia’ and ‘Parents of Kidney Kids’. Not only have I found […]

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Home Sweet Home

After a rough few weeks of various hospital admissions, it’s bloody brilliant to be home. Home is definitely where the heart is. I’ve missed normal life A LOT. Normal can be considered boring, but for a Hospital Mum who considers the hospital to be their second home, normal is truly blissful. Hopefully this time we won’t […]

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Plan B + Hemodialysis

This little bubba of mine like to give us all a run for our money and is clearly a Plan B kinda guy. First it was the feeding tube that didn’t work first time, and now it’s dialysis! It turns out that peritoneal dialysis just did not work on Finn. The past few weeks have […]

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