Hospital Life

Hospital life sucks. FACT. Some days are bad and some days are not so bad…

Over the past nine months I’ve spent ten long weeks (and counting!) living at the hospital. That’s almost a third of Finn’s life. Sad but true. So I guess you can call me a veteran hospital mum.

Since the hospital has become my second home I’ve somehow learned to live with it, accept the crap bits that will be over soon, and to my surprise I’ve even discovered some positives!

Nope that’s not a typo – I do mean positives. And no I’ve not gone mad (although that’s definitely debatable!) But when you look hard enough for some good bits they are there…

Finn bunnies look

Here’s my top hospital life perks:

  1. No drug administering – this is a fiddly job as multiple drugs have to be given 4 times a day at set times, which seem to change all the time. Here the lovely nurses look after all the drugs.
  2. No syringe washing – my pet hate, at home we reuse them but here they are only used once and there’s a never ending supply.
  3. No formula making and feeding machine operating – not the worst job on my daily agenda, but here the milk it gets made up in the formula room and nurses manage the feeds.
  4. No 3am wake up to top up the milk – my personal favourite!! No sleepwalking to the kitchen and back with one eye open.
  5. Ward granny’s – if you’ve seen my Instagram stories you’ll know how much I love these ladies who give me a break for an hour and Finn gets granny cuddles.
  6. It makes you appreciate everything in normal life a million times more… my bed, sunlight, fresh air, peace and quiet, freedom… I could go on!!!

You may never have the pleasure of temporarily living in a children’s hospital ward, and I really hope that you don’t. But if you do, you must search for your positives, take a sleeping bag and smuggle in some wine!


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