Home Sweet Home

After a rough few weeks of various hospital admissions, it’s bloody brilliant to be home.

Home is definitely where the heart is. I’ve missed normal life A LOT.

Normal can be considered boring, but for a Hospital Mum who considers the hospital to be their second home, normal is truly blissful.

Hopefully this time we won’t need to go back in to hospital for any prolonged stays for a while now, potentially until the transplant – touchwood. No random infections or whatever please Finny boy!

It’s crazy how having your freedom temporarily taken away can change ones perspective so much. Hospital stays definitely make me appreciate the little simple things in life.

You know, things like sleeping in your own bed, with your partner by your side. Sitting on the sofa watching TV. Having a fridge full of food and eating what you want. Having a shower without having to queue. Peace and quiet, no machines beeping or random children screaming all-day-long. Not having to sleep in your clothes in case you have to get up in the middle of the night. Not living out of an overnight bag. Fresh air and walks along the beach. And most importantly, precious family time.

I could go on…


I’ve recently had to work out how long we have spent in hospital with Finn, and whilst I knew it was a lot, I had no idea it is a whopping 79 days!!

My goodness, that’s over 11 long weeks over 7 different admissions – some planned, some definitely not planned – in 9 months… it’s almost a third of Finn’s little life away from home.

The shortest stay was 3 days, and the longest was 28 days. That was the never-ending stint right before Christmas when we were just about to get sent home and then suddenly Finn caught the para-flu from being in hospital for so long. How ironic!

From now on I will appreciate every lovely moment at home spent with my boys.

There really is no place like home.


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