Groundhog Day

Remember that movie where the TV weatherman relives the same day over and over again?

Well that’s pretty much me right now. Except my job is not a TV weatherman, I’m a full-time Hospital Mum.

Unless you’ve been dealt the Hospital Mum card you will never really know what it’s like. And that’s what I hope to convey with my blogs. Not to whinge about all the crap stuff, but if anything does come across a bit whingey then I can only apologise!

So why Groundhog Day? Well we go to and from the hospital three days every week for dialysis, and also any additional days for appointments in the work up to Finn’s upcoming kidney transplant. This week we were there every single damn day. And it’s starting to wear a bit thin.

I know it’s not forever. But it is for the foreseeable future (which totally feels like forever!).

For each dialysis visit Finn is on the dialysis machine for 3.5 hours, which ends up being almost a full day out. And not the fun kind of day out.

At the beginning and end of each session the nurses need to do his weight, set him up on the dialysis machine, take him off the machine, and redo his dressing. Plus the drive there and back takes up to 45 minutes each way (twice as long in rush hour!).

All this every other day is monotonous and exhausting – for Finn and for me.

Finn doesn’t sleep a wink the whole time we are in hospital. Being kept awake and missing the morning nap means he has a very irratic sleep schedule… and I have a rather grumpy bubba.

These days are not fun, but we always manage to squeeze in some fun play time whenever we can. And of course our two ‘days off’ feel like we’re on holiday!!

Groundhog Day face 2

These holiday days are very precious, so it’s important that we have maximum fun stuff planned. Or maximum chilling at home. Or my current favourite, doing photo shoots at the beach. Either way, when we’re free of the hospital we are happy little bunnies!!

A few people have asked will Finn be totally fine once he has a new kidney? The short answer is no. I wish!

We will be in isolation for the first few weeks immediately after the transplant to keep him away from any bugs as his immune system will be almost non-existent.

Once home we will have to visit the hospital on a daily basis for checkups to make sure the new kidney is working and not being rejected. Now that sounds like Groundhog Day on steroids!! Better than sleeping at the hospital though.

Then checkups a few times a week, then weekly, then a few times a month, and eventually monthly. And one day we will be able to travel again. Omg the dream.

So Groundhog Day shows no sign of letting up just yet.

I’ve recently been mixing things up a bit and enjoying getting my photography business going again after almost a year off. It’s been great for my mind to destress anc have something else that I love to focus on.

And I have some beautiful pictures of Finn for my walls which is a big Brucey bonus!



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