Finn Is On The Kidney Transplant List!

We’ve been waiting for this monumental moment since Finn was born.


Finny board 5.jpg

A few hours after his eagerly anticipated arrival, the doctors told us in no uncertain terms that Finn would not survive with the tiny multi-cystic kidneys he was born with. He would most definitely need a kidney transplant as soon as he was big enough.

And it was highly likely that Finn would need to start dialysis at some point in his first year to clean his blood and see him through to the transplant.

How about that for a big fat slap in the face!? Not exactly the warmest of welcomes to new parenthood hey.

So the plan from day one was simply this – get him to 10kg and we can put a new kidney in him. And that was our mission!! But it turned out that fattening Finn up was NOT an easy task because kidney failure in babies causes constant vomiting. We’re talking 20-30 times a day, poor little Finny. It was exhausting and stressful. That was until his feeding button was changed to feeding to the jejunum, which is feeding directly into the small bowel. Thank goodness there was a solution or Finn would never have made it onto the growth chart, let alone 10kg!

Fast forward seventeen turbulent months, eight of which has been spent on hemodialysis, and now we have finally reached this magical moment.

Yet all I keep thinking is ‘I’m not ready!!!’

Will I ever be ready?? Probably not, because to be honest I’m absolutely petrified.

This transplant is going to be massive. It will be the most challenging time we will have faced so far with Finn. And probably the biggest challenge of our whole entire lives.

But we are as ready as we will ever be so bring it on! Bring on change, and bring on having a healthier child who will be able to grow, eat, run, and thrive!!!

I guess the good news is that Finn won’t remember any of this and apparently babies who have major surgery at such a young age bounce back pretty quickly. He’s always been a trooper after his other surgeries, albeit they were all fairly minor in comparison, but I have no doubt that he will handle this one like a pro.


Now that Finn is on the deceased donor transplant waiting list we could get a phone call at any time of the day or night. It could be 3am on Christmas Eve and we will need to be at the hospital within the hour. Would be the best Christmas present ever 🙂

The Call could be this week, or it could be in two months. Either way, I have a bag packed all ready to jump straight in the car. The question is, what will we do while he is in surgery for 8-12 hours??

When I think about where Finn’s new kidney will actually come from it makes me feel all emotional (I might be shedding a few tears as I type this part!) But essentially another poor family is loosing someone special, who will have decided to donate their organs that will save another life. We’ll never know anything about the person who died, but whoever it may be – what an absolute hero! They will be giving the precious gift of life to our Finny and for that we are eternally grateful.

Jonny, Finn’s Dad underwent lot’s of rigorous testing to see if he could be a live donor, but unfortunately the doctors were unable to proceed.

The first few months after transplant are going to be full-on and critical for the success of the transplant. With daily hospital visits for blood tests, various anti-rejection drugs which strictly have to be given at the same times each day, and keeping Finn away from any germs. We might have to be hermits for a few months! But hey, whatever it takes.

After three months things should be less hectic, and six months should hopefully be smooth sailing. Eventually, one year post transplant we will be able to fly Finn home to the UK and meet the rest of his family and friends. Until then, guests are always welcome!!

Right now it’s mad to think that one day we’ll be visiting the hospital on a monthly basis, and we won’t know what to do with ourselves! But I know I’ll look back at all of this and wonder how the hell we got through it.

For now we will take each day as it comes, stay positive and hope for the best.

All we want for christmas is a new kidney please Santa… xx



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